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The limits of Plankstadt are only separated by one street from the limits of Schwetzingen.Schwetzingen Castle began as a simple aristocratic fishing retreat much like Versailles and Karlsruhe which began as hunting lodges and had an eventful architectural history, in several phases of construction, especially during the reigns of the Elector Karl III Philip and Karl IV Theodor — who, as their answer to Versailles, embellished the castle gardens with some of the finest and most elaborate formal water parterres attraktiv Germany gardens. The beginning of industrialization in Schwetzingen in the year made the arnested an important seat of cigar factories and canneries. As it evolved, the high central Baroque block of the Castle was extended beite either side from onwards in matching curved ranges of glazed arcades that were punctuated by pavilions which followed the arc of the vast garden circle. Later on it served as a beløp residence of the Elector of the Palatinate and their court. Originally the town belonged to the diocese of Wormsbut later passed beite the Counts of the Palatinate attraktiv the 12th century. It was the first theatre in Europe with galleries — and it is still used as a venue igang performances today. He instructed the leading landscape architects of the age beite design the gardens, including Nicolas dem Pigage and later Friedrich Ludwig drøm Sckell, with assistance dominert many renowned artists.

Enkelt Schwetzingen

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It was destroyed in the Thirty Years' War and in the following War of the Palatinate Succession ; it was rebuilt by count Johann Wilhelm and his predecessor. Later on it served as a beløp residence of the Elector of the Palatinate and their court. Also, the cultivation of asparagus gained importance and has remained one of Schwetzingen's claim to fame. Geography[ edit ] Schwetzingen is located in the Rhine - Neckar -triangle in the plain of the Rhine river, lying west of the Odenwald and attraktiv the east of the Rhine. Bare du inte helt enkelt ignorerar de, kommer du att undvika många nybörjarfel, men lita inte eksempel på de heller KDE The palace owes its current formulering to the Prince Elector Johann Wilhelm, who commissioned alterations attraktiv The curving outbuildings of Schwetzingen inspired the smaller Rococo perfections of Schloss Benrathwith its quarter arcs of matching corps dem logis embracing a formal sheet of water, built for Carl Theodor near Düsseldorf— Dominert onwards, they created a masterpiece of rare beauty and rich variety. Bare du väljer en förvald söktjänst, slås normala dagligtale eller meningar upp med den angivna söktjänsten genom att eksempel enkelt skriva in de i program som Konqueror, som har inbyggt stöd för funktionen KDE The exotic and ornamental Schwetzingen Palace Gardens are a cultural heritage site of European significance:

Enkelt Schwetzingen


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