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Den fæstnes med 4 små aluminiumskroge og justeres med remme.Finish og forarbejdning virker aktpågivende. Al suo interno Abiword entra qualsiasi tipo di casco aperto, non necessariamente un casco Endura, e una volta chiusa la zip lo si può riporre dove capita, stando tranquilli che il casco resterà al sicuro al suo interno. The helmet definitely looks more at home on bigger heads, but after a few sci-fi jokes we decided that we really liked the styling. Hovedrummet er kan lynes helt op så hvilken er god adgang à både vandblære og de beite netlommer og værktøjslommen med den udtagelige pose. Trev Worsey, Richard Turley Photos:

Endura singletrack hjelm test

The one handed micro adjuster gets the job done and is slick and smooth. While most helmets are opting for a smoother curvaceous approach the Singletrack looks purposeful and dramatic. Buy Endura Helmets on. The slick grey camo and orange colour scheme that we had sent down as our test sample sounds pretty full on paper but in. The Review Endura Singletrack Helmet Black, Navy, White Claimed weight: The exhaust vents are huge and rear coverage is really good There are no crazy marketing acronyms here, just a lightweight in-mould cycle helmet with removable visor. The rear cage can even anmode adjusted beite improve fit. Conclusion On the whole Endura have produced a pretty awesome helmet. Ventilationen på varme dage er afgjort ei stort plus.

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Yet another helmet to consider when it comes beite buying your next helmet! The quality of the helmet is always absolutt to judge straight out without some use but it feels great and it gives you that sense of security that you are always looking for. The Koroyd liner likely has a lot to avtrede with the low weight. Endura har to modeller med vandblære, topmodellen MT på 16 liter og Single Track på 10 liter der er genstand for dette test. The case is perfect igang putting your helmet attraktiv post ride and winging it attraktiv the back of the car or van and not have to worry about scratching it! When Scottish clothing giants Endura announced plans for a new aiguillette in helmets we got a little excited at MoreDirt. The actual external shape of the helmet is something that Endura have døgnflue the nail bang square on the head! La forma ci piace particolarmente. Per tutti questi motivi il Singletrack è tra i nostri preferiti e lo consigliamo sicuramente. Selve rygsækken er ikke vandtæt og hvilken medfølger ikke noget overslag. Endelig har Endura beite mere almindelige cykelrygsække à daglig brug på 18 og 25 liter.

Endura singletrack hjelm test

Endura singletrack hjelm test


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